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CMS Professional 3.0

Controls and manages remote video monitoring systems
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Create a unified center for video surveillance and monitoring by accessing the functions of multiple network clients working with cameras and other hardware. Remote clients are connected to NET Hybrid/NetStation servers for processing and transferring data from multiple sources.

Nowadays, security is a growing concern and people are looking to invest more time and money into surveillance services. Alnet Systems provides users a modern solution to this issue: CMS Professional, a program that allows users to connect to Alnet Systems and monitor the connected cameras.

The program has a nice-looking interface, with two selection themes: dark and light. Both are very well designed and very easy to navigate. However, they could've had better-delimited menu sections and bigger font sizes.

As for its functions, CMS Professional can facilitate remote monitoring of multiple places from only one location. It has an unlimited number of supported monitors and simultaneous server connections. Also, it includes Virtual Panorama for IP PTZ cameras and camera preview thumbnails. Furthermore, it has a built-in Script Editor and it supports up to 3 different video profiles for each camera.

All things considered, CMS Professional is a complex surveillance tool that encapsulates lots of unique features. It's fast, free, and safe to use.

John Saunders
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  • Has a built-in Script editor
  • Supports up to 3 different video profiles
  • Includes Virtual Panorama


  • Has small font size
  • Has poor delimited menu sections
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